Australia’s Best Beaches

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Australia’s stunning beach landscape is renowned around the world. With more than 60,000 kilometers of coastline, there are over 10,000 beaches to explore. From world-famous surf spots to secluded swimming spots, there is something for everyone. Whether you are looking to ride the waves, snorkel in crystal-clear waters or simply relax in the sun, Australia’s beaches have it all. With so much to offer, it’s no wonder Australia is home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches.

Nature lovers from all walks of life can find their own version of nirvana on a pristine stretch of sand and sea tucked away in the wilderness. From surfers searching for the perfect glistening green-barrel break, to city slickers looking for a beautiful beach with easy access to restaurants, shops and attractions, there is something for everyone. Whether it’s a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, or an adrenaline-filled adventure of a lifetime, the perfect beach is right around the corner.

Australia is blessed with an incredible variety of picturesque beaches, from the sparkling white sands of the Gold Coast to the rugged coastline of the Kimberley. There are endless possibilities for beach exploration, from the remote beauty of Western Australia’s coral-fringed bays to the golden sunsets of New South Wales and Queensland’s blonde-bombshell beaches. Every corner of the country has its own unique beach paradise, from the curvaceous cove of Tasmania to the tropical island fantasy of the Cocos (Keeling) Islands. Whether you’re looking for a secluded getaway or a bustling beach side adventure, Australia’s stunning coastline is sure to provide the perfect destination for beach lovers of all ages.

Whitehaven Beach, Queensland

Whitehaven Beach in the Whitsunday Islands along the Great Barrier Reef is an amazing natural beauty. Its dazzling white sand and crystal clear waters create a stunning backdrop for a vacation. This stunning beach is not only one of the best stretches of coast in Australia, it often makes it onto lists of the best beaches in the world. Its popularity is well deserved, with the beach providing a plethora of activities, from snorkeling to kayaking, and its stunning views making it the perfect place to relax and unwind. Whitehaven Beach is truly a paradise and a must-see destination for any traveler.

The stunning seven-kilometer arc of powdery white sand on Whitsunday Island is made of silica, a silky-soft substance that creates a stunning contrast with the tropical turquoise sea and emerald headlands. This beautiful beach is located within a national park, which helps to protect the beach and keep it pristine. Despite the influx of day-trippers to this beach, the national park ensures that the beach remains a tranquil, untouched paradise.

Tongue Bay is a stunningly beautiful place to explore and a popular anchorage for bareboats. The views from Tongue Point are breathtaking, with Hill Inlet providing a stunning mix of turquoise and blue hues with the white sands, creating a mesmerizing marbled mosaic as the tides shift. For those looking for an overnight stay, camping is allowed on the southern end of the beach. Whether it’s for a day or a few days, Tongue Bay is a must-visit destination for those looking to explore the beauty of the area.

Turquoise Bay is located Western Australia

Turquoise Bay is one of the most stunning beaches in Western Australia. The name accurately reflects the beautiful hue of the water, which is a luminous blue-green and is a perfect contrast to the powdery white sand of the shore. Located 60 kilometers south of Exmouth in Cape Range National Park, Turquoise Bay is a sight to behold and offers a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Turquoise Bay is a unique and beautiful beach located on the mainland of Australia. It is one of the few places in the world where snorkelers can explore the vibrant coral reefs from shore. The Ningaloo Reef, which has been designated a World Heritage site, is located just steps away from the sand. It is home to over 250 species of coral and 500 species of fish, providing an abundance of marine life for snorkelers to explore, including stingrays, sea turtles, and even the majestic whale shark.

Drift snorkeling is one of the popular activities here. Visitors can swim out to the reef at the southern end of the beach and let the current take them north to a shallow sandbar. With the vibrant turquoise waters and the soft, white sand, this is also the perfect spot to relax and take in the views. Whether you’re looking for an adventure or for some peaceful alone time, this beach has something for everyone.

Cossies Beach is located Islands

Direction Island in the Cocos (Keeling) Islands is a truly idyllic destination. The beach is a vision of beauty, with its white sand lined with coconut palms and aqua water lapping against the shore. The picturesque landscape and serenity of the beach make it a perfect spot to relax and take in the beauty of the South Pacific Islands. Whether you’re looking for a place to simply sit and take in the view or a spot to take a dip in the turquoise waters, Direction Island is sure to provide a memorable experience.

The Australian Territory of two atolls and 27 coral islands, known as “Cossies” after Australia’s 26th Governor-General, Sir Peter Cosgrove, is a stunning slice of coast located roughly 4.5 hours away from Perth. With permission from the locals, beach expert and author Brad Farmer gave it this name in 2016. Boasting beautiful white sand beaches, crystal clear waters and a variety of marine life, it is no wonder why this area has been so highly praised. Whether you are looking for a relaxing beach escape or an adventurous outdoor experience, Cossies is sure to provide you with an unforgettable experience.

This stunning beach is the perfect setting for a relaxing vacation. Framed by swaying coconut palms, the enchanting beach curves out gracefully into the tropical turquoise sea. Snorkelers can explore the vibrant coral gardens and diverse marine life that live in the crystal-clear waters. With its tranquil atmosphere and beautiful scenery, it’s no wonder this beach is so popular among travelers.

Wineglass Bay

On a clear day, it’s hard to beat the beauty of Wineglass Bay in Tasmania’s Freycinet National Park. From the lookout, you can admire the stunningly curved shoreline, fringed with lush bush, the stark white sand and the sparkling sapphire waters. It’s a sight that will stay with you forever, and it’s no wonder that Wineglass Bay is one of the most popular destinations in Tasmania.

The lookout at the northern end of the beach offers stunning views, but don’t forget to take the short 20-minute walk down to the southern end. Here, you’ll be greeted by the majestic Hazards, a range of pink-tinged granite peaks that tower over the bay. Take your time to admire the beauty of the landscape and enjoy all that this stunning beach has to offer.

Sea kayaking, sailing, and fishing are favorite activities for visitors to the Freycinet Peninsula, and bushwalking is especially popular. Not to be missed is the Freycinet Experience Walk, a four-day trek along the entire peninsula, which is one of the top hikes in Australia. Along the way, visitors can spot abundant wildlife, including wallabies, wombats, quolls, and even Tasmanian devils. The crown jewel of the peninsula is Wineglass Bay, which is a must-see destination thanks to its stunning views and clear waters that make it ideal for swimming and other water activities.

Coles Bay is a great base to explore Wineglass Bay, with a variety of accommodation options available. From camping and budget stays to luxury eco-resorts like Saffire Freycinet, visitors can find the perfect option to fit their needs. Saffire Freycinet’s rooms come equipped with floor-to-ceiling windows to take in all the beautiful views of Wineglass Bay. With its convenient location, Coles Bay is the perfect place to start your Wineglass Bay adventure.

Cable Beach

Cable Beach in Australia is a dream destination for many travelers. With its 22 kilometers of creamy white sand and turquoise sea, it is the perfect backdrop for a romantic sunset ride on a camel. The sight of people silhouetted against the fiery sunset on Cable Beach is a picture-perfect postcard moment that many travelers seek. Whether you want to relax on the beach with a book, explore the area by camel or just take in the stunning views, Cable Beach is well worth a visit.

Cable Beach is a stunning stretch of white-sand beach situated along the coast of Broome in Western Australia. It takes its name from a communications cable that was laid between the beach and Java across the Indian Ocean in 1889. With its golden sand and crystal-clear waters, Cable Beach is a popular spot for swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing. The sunsets here are nothing short of spectacular, making it a great place to end your day. Whether you’re looking for an adventure or just a place to relax, Cable Beach is an ideal destination.

The beach is a great place to visit year-round, though caution should be taken during the months of November to May, when dangerous irukandji jellyfish inhabit the waters. During the other months of the year, you can paddle along the shore without worry. For those who don’t want to bring their own picnic, there are plenty of restaurants right near the sand for you to enjoy. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful spot to relax or an adventure, this beach has something for everyone.

Watching the sunset from this location is an experience you won’t forget. The sky is lit up with a stunning array of oranges, pinks and purples as the sun dips lower and lower into the Indian Ocean. It’s a magical sight that you won’t find anywhere else. Make sure you take the time to watch the sunset at least once during your visit here – it’ll be a memory that you’ll cherish forever.

Main Beach at Noosa

This stunning stretch of beach is situated between the tranquil Noosa National Park and the upmarket Hastings Street, making it a popular spot all year-round. The golden sand and blue-green waters are framed by the national park, which cloaks the headland at the eastern end. An added bonus is that if you take a hike up the hill into the park, you may spot some koalas in the trees. This beach is truly a paradise.

First Point is a popular destination for both swimmers and surfers. Swimmers love the clean and clear waters while surfers love to ride the long waves paralleling the headland. Every March, the Noosa Festival of Surfing brings with it a vibrant atmosphere, with some of the world’s top surfers competing for prizes. It’s a great place for anyone looking for some fun in the sun!

The Eastern end of the beach is a popular spot for both children and adults alike, as it offers a plethora of rock pools to explore. The boardwalk along the beach is also a popular spot for a sunset stroll, as it provides spectacular views of the horizon. Additionally, the beach is patrolled throughout the year for safety, making it a great place for families to enjoy their time together. Whether you are exploring the rock pools, taking a sunset stroll, or simply soaking up the sun, the Eastern end of the beach is sure to provide a wonderful experience.

Noosa Heads is a popular tourist destination for city slickers from Sydney and Melbourne, especially during summer and school holidays. Finding a spot to park in the small beach lot can be a challenge, but there are other lots nearby. To avoid the hassle of parking altogether, visitors can stay at Netanya Noosa, a beachfront apartment with a full kitchen. With its spacious and comfortable rooms, Netanya Noosa provides guests with a convenient and delightful holiday experience.

7. Twilight Beach located in Western Australia

Twilight Beach in Australia is a stunning sight to behold, with its crystal-clear turquoise waters and blinding-white sand. It is a version of the boulder-strewn beaches of the Seychelles, located seven kilometers away from the small beach town of Esperance. Granite boulders flank the beach, and it is generally safe for swimming and surfing. It’s a perfect spot for a peaceful day at the beach and a great way to experience the beauty of Australia.

This stunning shoreline is an ideal spot for families with small children, offering shallow sandbars and a broad flat shoreline that is ideal for swimming. Many visitors flock to this beach to take advantage of breathtaking views from the top of the large granite rocks. Thrill seekers can take a dive into the crystal clear waters of the sea, creating a sense of awe and wonder. With its inviting shoreline and incredible scenery, this beach is the perfect spot for families to spend quality time together.

Hyams Beach in New South

The waters of New South Wales are a dream come true for those looking for a beachy getaway. With crystal clear waters, a beautiful white sandy beach, and plenty of activities to enjoy, it is no surprise that this is one of the most popular beaches in the area. Swimming, snorkeling, stand up paddleboarding, and fishing are all great activities to enjoy in the clear blue waters, while the powder-soft sand is perfect for soaking up some sun. For those looking for a beach getaway, this is the perfect spot to visit.

Bushwalking is a hugely popular activity in the national park. With beautiful and unique trails, such as the Bird Spotter’s Walk and White Sands Walk, visitors can explore the area and take in the sights that nature has to offer. Along the way, one can look for colorful crimson rosellas and honeyeaters, and interpretative signs can help you identify the species you see. The powdery sands of the White Sands Walk provide a sublime stretch of coast that is definitely worth exploring.

Weekends and holidays can be challenging when it comes to parking near beaches. Fortunately, there are plenty of other spectacular beaches to explore nearby. Murrays Beach in Booderee National Park is a sheltered bay with a fee for entry, as well as Seamans and Chinamans beaches. All of these beaches offer stunning views and an opportunity to relax and take in the beauty of the area.

Lucky Bay

Lucky Bay, located a mere 70 kilometers from Twilight Beach in Cape le Grand National Park, is one of Australia’s whitest stretches of sandy beaches. It was named by explorer Matthew Flinders, who famously took shelter at the bay during a fierce summer storm. The crystal blue waters and the beautiful, white sand of Lucky Bay make it a perfect destination for visitors who want to relax and unwind. With its picturesque views, diverse wildlife, and a wide range of activities, Lucky Bay is the perfect place to spend a day or a weekend.

Today, the beautiful crescent-shaped bay is a sight to behold. Its stunning shoreline is perfect for a relaxing stroll and its crystal clear waters are ideal for swimming and fishing. Wildlife lovers will be especially delighted as kangaroos often lounge on its shores, providing amazing photo opportunities. Whether you are looking for a place to get away from it all or just a spot to soak up some stunning nature, this crescent-shaped bay is a perfect choice.

This wild stretch of coast offers a wide array of activities for people of all ages and skill levels. Snorkeling, surfing, swimming, and fishing are all popular things to do along this section of beach. If you want to explore a bit further, you can take your 4WD vehicle along the shore, but be careful – the sand here is soft and can easily cause vehicles to get bogged. It’s best to be prepared and take the necessary precautions to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Vivonne Bay located South Australia

Vivonne Bay is a stunningly beautiful location located on Kangaroo Island in South Australia. The pristine white sand and shimmering azure sea are a sight to behold. You can often see seals swimming and playfully bobbing in the cool, clear water here. The beach is unspoiled and peaceful, making it a perfect spot for relaxation and contemplation. Whether you’re looking for a tranquil spot for a picnic, a place for swimming and beachcombing, or just a peaceful place to watch the waves, Vivonne Bay is the ideal destination.

The waves at this beach are great for surfing and boogie boarding, but you need to be cautious since there is no lifeguard on duty. For swimming, the summer months are the best time to go since the water is warmer then. It’s important to take all the necessary precautions, such as wearing a life jacket, so that you can enjoy the beach and its activities safely.

Spending time at the jetty can be a fun and enjoyable experience. Popular activities to do there include having a picnic, sunbathing, fishing, and watching the crayfish catch arrive. Picnic and barbecue areas are available near the jetty, but it is recommended to bring your own food and refreshments. Fishing can be a great and exciting way to spend the day, with the chance of catching some of the local fish species, like bream and whiting. Watching the crayfish boats come in to the jetty is also a great way to learn about the local marine life and the fishing industry. No matter what you decide to do at the jetty, it’s sure to be a memorable experience.

Surfers Paradise

The Gold Coast’s famous beach is a stunning sight, with its three-kilometer stretch of soft white sand and lapping waves. It is an ideal location for beginner surfers, with its gentle waves, and it is backed by high-rise apartments which give it an even more impressive feel. The beach is one of the most popular attractions in Queensland and is a great spot for those looking to take up surfing or just relax on the sand.

The beach is a great place to enjoy a variety of activities while taking in the beautiful scenery. Swimming, sunbathing, and strolling along the soft sands or beachfront promenade are all equally satisfying here. Despite the crowds, the beach remains surprisingly clean and is patrolled by lifeguards 365 days a year to ensure everyone’s safety. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing day in the sun or a fun-filled adventure, the beach has something for everyone.

Surfers Paradise is known as one of the best beach cities in Australia. It is a great destination for travelers who want to relax and soak up the sun on the beach, but also have access to the many shops, cafes, and restaurants nearby. Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday nights are the best times to visit, as the Beachfront Markets come alive with over 120 stalls offering everything from fashion and jewelry to souvenirs and photographs. With so much to do and see, Surfers Paradise is the perfect place for a beach escape.

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