17 Places To Visit In Udupi In 2023

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Udupi is a beautiful place and offers plenty of attractions to explore. From ancient temples to serene beaches, Udupi has something for everyone. The best places to visit in Udupi include St. Mary’s Island, Malpe beach, Kodi beach, Chandramouleshwara temple, Padukere beach, and Kukke Subramanya Temple. For those looking for a spiritual experience, the ancient Shankaranarayana temple is a must-visit. If you’re an adventure enthusiast, then you can explore the beautiful island of St. Mary’s and take part in various water sports activities. So, don’t miss out on these places and explore Udupi on your next trip.

1. St. Mary’s Island is a paradise for

St. Mary’s Island, famously known as the Coconut Island, is a set of four islands located in the Arabian Sea off the coast of Malpe in Udupi, Karnataka. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the area and is known for its beautiful seashells and stunning coast. Visitors can take a ferry from the Malpe fishing harbor and enjoy the view of the island from the boat as they travel to it. Once they reach the island, they can explore the shore and find amazing shells of various shapes and sizes. St. Mary’s Island is definitely a must-visit destination for anyone who wants to enjoy an amazing beach experience.

2. Malpe Beach – – An Undiscovered Region

Malpe Beach is a hidden gem of India and a must-visit for all beach-lovers. Situated in Udupi district of Karnataka, Malpe Beach is a tranquil and unexplored territory with a serene atmosphere. The beach has a picturesque view with swaying palm trees and white sand, and provides a perfect place to relax and unwind. The beach also offers plenty of activities, including jet skiing, parasailing and beach volleyball. The nearby temples and churches make it even more attractive. Malpe Beach is an ideal destination for an adventurous and exciting holiday.

Daria Bahadurgad beach is a great holiday destination, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It is an unexplored territory, with a clean and pristine beach. Enjoy watching a beautiful sunset with your partner here. You can also explore the Daria Bahadurgad fort located on this beach, which is a great way to spend time while exploring the area. If you are looking for a romantic getaway, this is the perfect destination!

3. Kaup Beach, a secret Udupi

Kaup is an offbeat tourist destination near Udupi that must not be missed. Located just 10 km away from the main city, you can easily catch a Mangalore Udupi bus to reach here. The beach is a beautiful stretch of golden sand and the views of the Arabian Sea are gorgeous from the shore. There is a lighthouse here too which visitors can enter by buying tickets. It is recommended to head here early in the day as the lighthouse closes at 6 in the evening. Kaup is a must-visit destination on your trip to Udupi.

4. Experience the ultimate in relaxation at Jumadi

Jumadi Islands in Udupi is the perfect destination for relaxation and unwinding. From the emerald waters to the swaying coconut trees, the picturesque island offers a breathtaking view of South India. Enjoy the private beach and bask in the beauty of nature as you explore the island. Jumadi Islands is the perfect escape for anyone looking to get away and enjoy the tranquility of Udupi. With its stunning views and peaceful atmosphere, it is no wonder that Jumadi Islands is the perfect place for a vacation.

5. Experience a sense of positivity at Udupi Sri Krishna Math

Udupi Sri Krishna Matha is one of the oldest Hindu temples in India, having been established in the 13th century. It is visited by worshipers from all around the country, and its tranquil environs are filled with a positive energy. The temple opens at 5-30 in the morning, and lunch is offered at noon, so plan your visit in between these two for the best experience. Close to the main temple, there are several other temples in the area that one can visit, making it a great destination for religious pilgrims.

6. Check out Barkur, a charming small town

Barkur, located in Udupi, is the perfect place for anyone who loves to explore quaint villages. Nicknamed the “village of temples,” Barkur is filled with beautiful ancient temples and is the perfect destination for tourists who want to experience the beauty of ancient architecture. The city is easily accessible, making it the perfect day trip for anyone looking for a quick getaway. With so much to see and do, Barkur is the perfect place to explore and experience India’s traditional culture.

7. Anegudde Vinayaka Temple is

8. Enjoy the sunshine at Padubidri Beach.

Udupi city has a plethora of wonderful places to visit and explore. One of the most popular places to visit is the Padubidri Beach. Here, you can relax and take in the beautiful view of the beach with its crystal clear waters and golden sand. Enjoy the warm sun and cool breeze while you make the most of your vacation in Udupi. The beach is a great place to take a stroll, go swimming or just relax and take in the view. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful escape or an adventurous outing, Padubidri Beach is the perfect spot for your vacation.

9. The City Centre is a great place to go shopping!

If you’re looking to do some shopping in Udupi district, the City Centre Shopping Mall is the perfect destination. You can find all sorts of souvenirs, apparel, shoes, and even play arcade games. Make sure to plan a full day out so you can take advantage of all the things to do in the city center. Don’t forget to try out the delicious food from the popular restaurants in the area as well. Shopping in Udupi district is an experience you won’t forget!

10.Udupi Anantheshwara Temple is a popular destination

Udupi is a land of many temples, and one of the most popular and visited is the Udupi Anantheshwara Temple. The main deity worshiped here is Parasurama, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Locals flock to this temple to pay their respects, and through conversations with them, you can learn the story associated with the temple. The Udupi Anantheshwara Temple is a beautiful and popular sight in Udupi that should not be missed.

11. Coin Museum Corporation Bank provides services specifically tailored for coin

The Corporation Bank Heritage Museum in Udupi is renowned as one of the city’s best tourist attractions. If you are an avid collector of coins and history, then this place is a must-visit. The coins and notes on display range from 400 BC to the present day and provide visitors with a great insight into the history of Udupi. You can also find out about important historical events that have taken place in this city. This museum is a great way to learn about the city and its culture.

12. Mattu Beach – Take A Relaxing Break

Mattu Beach in Udupi is a stunning beach with crystal clear turquoise waters and a serene atmosphere. Perfect for taking a break from a hectic day, this beach offers a peaceful environment and amazing views of both sunrise and sunset. Whether you take a dip in the water or take some amazing polaroid shots of the beautiful beach, it is totally worth visiting Mattu Beach. A great tourist spot for beach lovers, Mattu Beach is a must-visit destination!

13. Pajaka – With Great Historical Importance

14.Kodi Beach is the ideal spot for playing beach

Kodi Beach is an ideal destination in Udupi to witness the beautiful confluence of a river with the Arabian Sea. It has something for everyone – take a relaxing stroll along the shore, play beach games such as volleyball, or go for a swim. It’s also a perfect spot for a family picnic! Bring some snacks and drinks and let the kids make sandcastles. There’s nothing more enjoyable than spending quality time together and taking in the stunning views of the sea. Visit Kodi Beach for a memorable experience!

15. Mangrove Plantations – A Natural Hotspot

Yes, Udupi is home to some beautiful mangrove forests and riverine areas. The mangrove plantations around the Gangolli, Kodi, and Swarna rivers are particularly noteworthy. Parampalli, located near the Kodihole river, is an especially popular destination for nature enthusiasts and wildlife photographers. These areas are known for their rich biodiversity and are considered to be some of the best natural hotspots in Udupi.

16. Rafting on the Raging Waters of the Sita River.

The Sita river, also known as Seetha river, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Udupi. It offers a great range of activities for tourists, including water sports such as rafting. The river is known for its raging waters and incredible views, making it a perfect spot for rafting. Tourists can also opt to stay at nearby jungle camps and lodges to experience something different. All in all, Sita river is an ideal destination for a fun-filled vacation in Udupi.

17. Manipal Lake – A Calm Area of the City

The Manipal lake, located in the heart of Udupi, is a picturesque spot favored by both locals and tourists. It offers boating opportunities and is a popular spot for students at the nearby university. Visitors can also take a leisurely walk around the lake and sample delicious street food.

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