12 places in Greenland that will make you want to plan a trip back in 2023

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Greenland is a unique destination, situated between the North Atlantic and Arctic Oceans, near the North Pole. Its landscape is mostly covered in ice, which means that its small population of around 56,171 people primarily reside along the coastlines in the southwest. The country’s location also allows for captivating natural phenomena such as the midnight sun in the summer and the northern lights in the winter.

Greenland is a territory of Denmark, which granted it home rule in 1979. The majority of the population is Inuit, which means that the culture of Greenland is primarily influenced by Inuit beliefs and practices. However, there is also a minority of people who are descendants of Norse colonists, who are associated with the Lutheran Church. As a result, the culture of Greenland is a blend of traditional Inuit and Scandinavian elements.

The capital city of Nuuk is home to around 17,000 people. The country’s ethereal beauty is largely due to its impressive glaciers and icebergs. The inhabitants of Greenland are a diverse group of people with unique abilities that help them adapt to the harsh temperatures. There are many places to visit in Greenland that will make your trip to this country an unforgettable experience.

Here are 12 locations in Greenland worth visiting

Covering all the spots is never possible while you are vacationing, therefore the list below will help you cover some of the best places to visit in Greenland that will let you experience this country in all its exquisite glory.

1. Ilulissat Icefjord

This glacial retreat has been occurring since the mid-19th century at a rate of 10-15 meters per year. The Ilulissat Icefjord is considered to be one of the most stunning natural wonders in the world. Its stunning landscape is home to many species of marine life, including seals, whales, and dolphins. Tourists from around the world flock to this spectacular sight, making it a popular destination for travelers.

To witness the gorgeous vistas that this ever-changing and ephemeral site has to offer. you can either go for a hike, hire a boat, or you can take a helicopter tour to get an aerial view.

2. Disko Bay

Disko Bay is a large bay located on the west coast of Greenland. It is approximately 250 kilometers long and has a maximum depth of approximately 130 meters. The bay is filled with numerous islands and islets, which are home to a variety of marine life. The bay is also home to several fishing villages and is a popular destination for whale watching, as well as other recreational activities.

Apart from whales, various species of seals and dolphins are also present in the waters of this region. Seals and walruses sunbathe on the rocks, while the dolphins playfully splash around. Birdwatchers can also find several species of seabirds, such as puffins, kittiwakes, guillemots, and auklets. The waters also provide a home to a variety of invertebrates, including crabs, shrimps, and mussels.

A knowledgeable guide will accompany you to guarantee that you get the best experience possible. The tour will provide you with the opportunity to explore the diverse wildlife and plant life that thrives in this area. You will also get the chance to observe the stunning sunsets and sunrises that this place has to offer. Additionally, you will be able to take part in activities such as kayaking, fishing, and whale watching. Finally, you will be able to learn about both the local culture and the history of this region.

Location: Arctic

3. Knud Rasmussen’s Museum

The museum houses a collection of artifacts related to Rasmussen’s life and travels, including photographs, books, and journal entries. It is a unique site that allows visitors to learn about the explorer’s accomplishments and his impact on the Inuit culture. There is also a multimedia exhibit that provides a glimpse into Rasmussen’s journey and the life of the Inuit people. Visitors can explore the museum at their own pace and learn about the explorer’s life and his contributions to the world.

Address: Knud Rasmussens Vej 9, 3390 Hundested, Denmark
Contact: +45 47 72 06 05

4. The Magnificent Ice Cap

The Greenland Ice Sheet is an important indicator of climate change, and its melting rate has been increasing in recent years. The consequences of an ice sheet of this size melting could be dire, and could cause coastal cities and island nations to be swallowed by the sea. The global community is taking action to reduce emissions and try to halt climate change, but it remains to be seen if these efforts are enough to stop the rising sea levels.

Location: Short distance from Disko Bay

5. Katuaq

The building also features a lobby, a bar, and a cafe. The lobby has a large mural which was designed by Greenlandic artist, Hans-Ole Joensen. The building’s facade is made with a special kind of granite that is only found in Greenland. The building was designed with the intent to be used as a cultural center for the people of Greenland. It has become the cultural hub of the city and is a great place to experience Greenlandic culture.

The screen is a symbol of the strong relationship between Greenland and the Nordic region, and is a reminder of the many shared values that these countries have. It also serves an important practical purpose, providing shade from the sun in the summer months and shelter from the wind in the winter. The screen has become an iconic structure in Nuuk and is an important part of the city’s identity.

Address: Imaneq 21, Nuuk 3900, Greenland
Contact: +299 36 37 70

6. ‘Church Of Our Saviour’ Or Nuuk Cathedral

The striking structure has withstood the test of time and has been a symbol of faith, unity and strength for the community for generations. This church also serves as a reminder of the resilience of its people who have gone through tough times, yet have always found ways to come together in celebration and in prayer.

The Cathedral of St. Mary is one of the most iconic buildings in the country and a popular tourist destination. Inside the church is a museum that features artifacts from the colonial era and a range of religious artifacts. The church also hosts a range of events throughout the year, including concerts and lectures. In addition, the church is an important site for religious ceremonies, particularly weddings, baptisms, and funerals.

Address: Nuuk 3900, Greenland

7. Greenland National Museum And Archives

The museum also houses a library, which houses a large collection of books and documents related to Greenland’s history and culture. It also holds a variety of interactive displays and activities that are designed to educate and entertain visitors of all ages. The exhibitions focus on Greenland’s history, culture and traditions, and there are also temporary exhibitions from time to time. It also has a gift shop and a café that serves traditional Greenlandic food. In addition to all of this, the museum also offers guided tours of the museum and its exhibitions for those who wish to learn more about Greenland and its history.

Address: Hans Egedes Vej 8, Nuuk 3900, Greenland
Contact: +299 32 26 11

8. Eqi Glacier

The icy walls of the glacier are a spectacular sight, with icy chunks of various sizes slowly breaking away and floating off into the sea. The thundering sound of the glacier melting is loud and powerful, and the sight of the calving glaciers is truly breathtaking. You can even witness the rare and beautiful phenomenon of the Northern Lights dancing across the night sky, making it an even more magical experience. Whether you are a nature enthusiast, a photographer, or just someone looking for an unforgettable experience, a visit to the Eqi glacier is sure to be an experience you will never forget.

Location: Ataa Strait, 80 km north of Ilulissat

9. Mother Of The Sea

The sculpture features a woman holding a fish, symbolizing the Mother of the Sea’s wisdom and power. It is also a reminder to the people of Nuuk to take only what they need from the sea and to be respectful of their environment. The sculpture has become a popular landmark in Nuuk and a reminder to the people of their cultural heritage and of the importance of protecting their natural resources.

Location: Nuuk 3900, Greenland

10. Northeast Greenland National Park

In addition to these species, the Arctic is home to various bird species such as the Snowy Owl, Gyrfalcon, Wheatear, Long-tailed Jaeger, and Arctic Tern. Marine mammals such as the Fin Whale, Bowhead Whale, and Humpback Whale can also be found in the Arctic waters. The Arctic is also home to a variety of fish species, such as cod, salmon, and Arctic Char.

Address: H.J. Rinkip Aqqutaa 9, Nuuk 3900, Greenland

11. Scoresby Sund

The Scoresby Sund is a stunning area that features awe-inspiring natural landscapes that are a treat for the eyes. With its mesmerizing glaciers, captivating snow-capped mountains, and lush green valleys, this is a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts, photographers, and adventurers alike. With its untarnished beauty, this is a place that will stay in your memory for a long time.

Location: Off the eastern coast of Greenland, in the Greenland Sea

12. Uunartoq

The hot springs of Uunartoq also offer stunning views of snow-covered mountains, glaciers and icebergs, making it a great spot to watch the midnight sun. The temperature of the springs is above 40 degrees Celsius, which is perfect for a therapeutic and relaxing session. There are also plenty of options for refreshments and snacks available nearby, so you can make the most of your experience.

The only man-made structures present on this island are the gangways and a cottage for you to change in.

Location: Lies halfway between Qaqortoq and Nanortali; is accessible during the day via boats.

From the mesmerizing fjords to the majestic icebergs, Greenland’s landscape is a feast for the eyes and soul. The icy snow-covered terrain and the snow-capped mountains provide a unique and unforgettable experience. The colorful northern lights that fill the night sky in Greenland are breathtaking and a sight to behold.

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