What is the AD RACE ?
We are providing our readers with a comprehensive table of the most awarded campaigns. These rankings that we call the AD RACE are updated every week.

How do you make the rankings ?
To be included in the rankings, a particular campaign has to win, at least, two top prizes in one of the major ad awards competitions in the last twelve months.

What is the point system ?
All competitions are deemed equal. A campaign gets one point for each top prize won in one of the major ad awards competitions.

What ad competitions are part of the AD RACE ?
We pride ourselves in setting up a transparent and predictable system. Therefore, we share with our readers the 60+ ad competitions that are closely monitored. The list is available here

Why are credits not included ?
Not all ad awards competitions provide a complete list of people involved in the making of the winning work. As fairness, we have decided not to include credits for any of the campaigns.

Why use a 12 month period and not calendar year ?
Not all campaigns are released in January or in the beginning of the year. Thus, it wouldn’t be fair or accurate to use the calendar year. This is why we use a 12 month period system.

Which judges are included ?
Only the judges that vote on the top prize of a competition are included. This means that judges that vote in the early stages or on a regional part of a competition will not be included in the rankings.

When are the judging points added ?
A jury member gets a point once the winners have been announced in the competition he is judging.

Which agencies are included ?
Companies that submit the work that wins a top prize get included. In the case of a production company, a media agency, a PR agency or a supplier, entering the work, the creative agency behind the campaign gets included in the rankings.

What are the acronyms used ?
AD: art director
CW: copywriter
CD: creative director
ACD: associate creative director
ECD: executive creative director
CCO: chief creative officer
VP: vice-president
SVP: senior vice-president
EP: executive producer
MD: managing director
MP: managing partner
CMO: chief marketing officer
CSO: chief strategy officer
COO: chief operating officer
CEO: chief executive officer

How do I report an error ?
Contact us at michael@thenextgag.com